Digital scrapbook designs for you.

Samantha Jane – Digital Scrapbook Artist

Custom designing professional, inspiring photo art for your treasured photos.

Before we start, I want you to think about all those photos you own, either thrown in a shoe box, stored on the computer, or even worse, in those terrible old magnetic albums that, if you keep them there, will fade, discolour & slowly ruin your photos over time. Now, if anyone looked at these photos without you around, would they know who was in them, would they know when and where they were taken, and what they were about, would they understand what these photos mean to you, do they tell a story?

Most of you, I am sure, will answer no to these questions.

To many of us, photos are one of the most important possessions we own, if your house was on fire what would you grab first…your photos? Photos are the precious memories of our past, the adventures of our present and for future generations to remember us by, so why do we treat them so badly? For most of us the reason is time…we just don’t have the time or the know how. I can help you preserve some of your most treasured memories in a unique and very personal way through my digital scrapbooking. I can create something special for you to proudly display and for all to see.

We all have a few “favourite” photos in our collections, a special birthday, a wonderful wedding, many have great holiday snaps to organise, or an ancestor to remember, what ever it is I can transform a simple photo into a unique page telling a story for generations to look back on.

This wonderful and unique piece of art can be a special keepsake just for you, or,  it could be a great gift for a friend or family. The possibilities are endless, think about birthdays, christmas, mother’s day, baby albums, wedding albums, celebrations, a momento for the grandparents, a memorial for someone you want to remember. What ever you ask for I can create,  I can work with you in designing personal, custom-made layouts, for an album or a frame, that will be treasured by you,  your family and your friends for generations to come!

Feel free to have a look around at my gallery and my products and I am sure there will be something you like.